New Energy for New Mexico

Rebecca Stair for NM Senate District 20

How to Vote During COVID-19

Polls will be open for early voting and on election day, but the safest way to vote is, without a doubt, by absentee (mail-in) ballot. 

Local Campaign Contributers

The Stair for Senate campaign is proud to support our wonderful, local, New Mexico businesses and artists at every possible opportunity.  We hope to get to the end of this journey and boast 100% local, home-grown talent to thank for Rebecca's seat on the NM State Senate.  Let us know if you would like to be involved.



Help this campaign to reach EVERY voter in Senate District 20!  Lets create the change together.

About the Campaign

Our campaign is working to ​both effectively represent the people of Senate District 20 but also to change the way we win. 

Governments are how we share power & money and make group decisions. As a government official, my role will be to earn and use that power carefully, and to steward our process for making decisions together. 

New Mexico needs leaders who seek the root cause of our issues. Effective solutions are neither flashy nor quick, and implementing them often demands courage, innovation and clear morals. A good leader creatively crafts legislation that benefits everyone, not just a select few.


From fifteen years working in every NM county and every economic sector, I have learned how everything is connected in NM. Internet access affects home schooling, which affects lifetime income, which affects state tax revenues. So we will succeed by thinking in systems, not single issues. 


And before we jump headfirst into "what to do or how to do it", we must pause at the "why are we doing it" until we have full understanding of our needs. Why is health care failing? Why are schools struggling? In answering the why, we often discover that the solution to one problem solves another too.


I’m not here just to get elected. I’m here to improve our lives.