Rebecca’s Background


Rebecca started her career as an educator in Washington DC. With a strong desire to live in a place that balances arts, tradition and business, she moved to New Mexico and taught at Bosque School.


Seeking to grow Albuquerque’s economic opportunities, she enrolled in CNM’s Film 101 program and became a film scout and location manager. Over fifteen years, Rebecca has helped to innovate and grow the film industry in New Mexico. She was elected several times to the board of the New Mexico filmmakers’ union, where she cleaned finances, grew the membership and introduced diversity training into a historically white-centric industry, transforming the New Mexican film industry into the most diverse, balanced, and unified in the US. 


As a film project manager, Rebecca built the technical skills to navigate budgets, deadlines, personnel, vendors, government agencies and their permits, finding win-win solutions to benefit both our residents and small businesses.  While scouting, Rebecca also had a unique opportunity to talk with thousands of people throughout the state.  While negotiating over 3,000 contracts with homeowners, small businesses, industries, farms, and different agencies, Rebecca asked what was important to her fellow New Mexicans. People began to tell their stories about family, jobs, and the direction they felt NM was going, and Rebecca listened.  

Rebecca’s Values

"While managing movies, I gained a vast first-hand understanding of our state, earned with over 15,000 footsteps a day for fifteen years in every county and every town. Unlike any other candidate, I know this state personally and by name. I have heard our concerns and our genius firsthand, through thousands of conversations with New Mexicans in neighborhoods, power plants, solar labs, air force bases, wilderness, mining towns, tribal lands, ranches, police departments, schools, business, art galleries, farms and more."


"I know that the best ideas can come from unexpected places and that by creating space to listen to one another, creative, effective solutions are discovered together.  I think in systems, not single issues and many times we discover that the solution to one problem also solves another."


As Senator, Rebecca's top four priorities are transitioning New Mexico to a green economy, improving education, ensuring health care for all, and upgrading New Mexico's infrastructure.


Through fifteen years of conversations, she has learned that most of us are unified on the core values. We all want healthy families, good jobs, and a fulfilling purpose in life.  New Mexico needs leaders that look for the root cause of our issues and find creative solutions that lift everyone. We cannot allow any more shallow quick-fixes decided by elites behind closed doors that benefit only the privileged few at the table. Solutions that work for us will require research, inquiry, and public outreach to ensure that ALL our voices are heard.

About REBECCA's Logo

Blue grama grass is native to our District 20 foothills. Like a family, if a blade of grass is nourished by a robust foundation—healthy soil—it can produce healthy seeds; our future, yet unfolded.

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Paid for by Stair for Senate, Philip Rogacki - Treasurer 

Paid for by Stair for Senate, Philip Rogacki - Treasurer