Rebecca’s Background


A Democrat running for NM State Senate District 20, Rebecca "Puck" Stair started her career as an educator in Washington DC. With a strong desire to live in a place that balances arts, tradition and business, she moved to New Mexico, taught at Bosque School, and then worked as a producer for the Franciscan friar Father Richard Rohr. 


Seeking to grow New Mexico’s economic opportunities, she enrolled in CNM’s Film 101 program.  As a film scout and location manager for over 15 years, she has worked in every county and every economic sector in New Mexico, collaborating with New Mexican homeowners, small & large businesses, ranches, churches, schools, factories, police & firefighters, water users, airports, tribes, our military, and our county, city, state & federal governments. 


Rebecca was elected several times to the board of the New Mexico filmmakers’ union, where she cleaned finances, grew the membership and introduced diversity training into a historically white-centric industry, transforming our film industry into the most diverse, balanced, and unified in the US. 


Over her professional career, Rebecca built the technical skills to navigate budgets, deadlines, personnel, vendors, government agencies and their permits, finding win-win solutions to benefit both our residents and small businesses.  During these efforts to strengthen and diversify our state’s economy, Rebecca observed our state’s shortcomings, and also our state’s rich potential. New Mexicans shared stories about their families, jobs, and the direction they felt our state was going, and Rebecca listened.


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Rebecca’s Values

  • Real and fair solutions are found through active listening

  • Clean and honest government 

  • Respect, decency, and collaboration 

  • A dedicated vision of New Mexico's potential


"Through fifteen years of conversations, I have learned that most of us are unified on the core values. We all want healthy families, good jobs, and a fulfilling purpose in life."  

About Rebecca’s Logo


Blue grama grass is native to our District 20 foothills. Like a family, if a blade of grass is nourished by a robust foundation—healthy soil—it can produce healthy seeds; our future, yet unfolded.

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