Local Campaign Contributors


The Stair for Senate campaign is proud to support our wonderful, local, New Mexico businesses and artists at every possible opportunity.  We hope to get to the end of this journey and boast 100% local, home-grown talent to thank for Rebecca's seat on the NM State Senate.  Let us know if you would like to be involved.

PuckForSenate 3.jpg

Nick Kramer & Izzy Spitz

Logo Inspiration & Palm Card

Blue Grama grass logo and color palette created by Nick Kramer at www.hankcreative.com and Izzy Spitz at www.cac.org

Puck Leather.jpg

Eric Swanson & Mindy Jones


Thank you to Eric Swanson and Mindy Jones for providing the campaign with launch headshots!

Rebecca _Puck_ Stair F Logo 300dpi.jpg

Triple L Graphic Design

Logo and Campaign Literature

Thank you, Linda Lillow, for providing us with the beautiful logo and campaign literature!  Such talent and a joy to work with!

Headshot Paul Thompson.png

Paul Thompson

Campaign Videos

A HUGE thank you to Paul Thompson for producing and editing our campaign videos.  


Seedhead IMG_1073 by Jenn Joyce.jpg

Jennifer Joyce

Campaign Photography

Blue grama photo- inspiration for the Stair for Senate campaign logo.


th_Cactus by Matt Toplikar.jpg

Matthew toplikar

Campaign Photography

"Photography of Senate District 20."


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Mario's catering

Launch Party Catering